Ekso™ is a wearable bionic suit which enables individuals with any amount of lower extremity weakness to stand up and walk over ground with a natural, full weight bearing, reciprocal gait. Walking is achieved by the user’s weight shifts to activate sensors in the device which initiate steps. Battery-powered motors drive the legs, replacing deficient neuromuscular function.

Variable Assist™ the adaptive or “smart” software, dynamically provides 0-100% power to either side of the body and promotes a greater number of high-quality steps in a shorter time period for a broad spectrum of patients.

Variable Assist™ is the only software feature commercially available that allows clinicians to dynamically augment their patients’ strength and to strategically target deficient aspects of their gait while the patient walks. It engages patients by challenging their abilities, balancing the physical effort they exert with the amount of help they need to achieve a more normalized gait.



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