Why invest in what we are doing?

Able Bionics is a pioneer agency providing exoskeletons, dermoskeletons™ and other walking aids to individuals with mobility impairments.  With several distinct business streams, including device rental and sales, physiotherapy assessment and recommendations, locomotor training programs and recommendations and medico-legal physiotherapy assessments and report, Able Bionics has developed a sustainable business model to support an industry with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 72.51% from 2014-2019

Founded in 2011, Able Bionics is the first and only service in Canada to develop a comprehensive and innovative evidence based protocol for the use of a broad range of robotic exoskeletons and tools for neurological recovery.  Registered Physiotherapists with extensive experience in the treatment of catastrophic neurological injuries assess and implement the intensive activity based robotic walking program. 

Able Bionics currently is headquartered in Toronto and has three clinical partners in Ontario and one clinical partner in Quebec and seeks other clinical partners that are interested in providing the Accelerated Bionic Locomotor Exercise to their clients.

The Ekso™, ReWalk™, Keeogo™, and Trexo devices are wearable robotics that power people with mobility impairments to get them standing up and walking; the combination of motors and sensors, along with client assist with balance and body positioning allow the user to walk over ground with an efficient reciprocal gait pattern.  Exoskeletons have a number of clinical applications:  they can be used to get people walking who are completely paralyzed and unable to walk otherwise; for these individuals the benefits are the positive health outcomes associated with weight bearing in standing (bone density, circulation, bowel and bowel function, decreased spasticity, contracture prevention and psychological benefits).  The equipment Able Bionics offers also provides benefits to gait training at an earlier stage of recovery when a client might be unable to walk assisted over ground.   

Able Bionics has partnered with Bridging Bionics Foundation to use charitable donations to allow hundreds of people access to these technologies.


Bridging Bionics Foundation is a public charitable organization. Our mission is to provide funding, education, and advance the research and development for exoskeletons and bionic technology to augment human mobility and capability. We envision that exoskeletons and bionic technology become standard mobility options globally as we strive to improve the quality of people’s lives.

Able Bionics USA is a charitable community-focused program in the Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado area, funded by Bridging Bionics Foundation. Able Bionics USA was created to help locals from the Roaring Fork Valley who have mobility impairments regain mobility and walk again. The program’s goal is to provide access to cutting edge technology, which is typically cost prohibitive, for individuals with mobility impairments to enhance neuro-recovery and quality of life.