ABLE BIONICS Bionic Bootcamp uses exoskeleton technology to help disabled people walk again

We were recently featured in the London Free Press.

Mitch Brogan is no longer bound to a wheelchair with the help of his exoskeleton robotic legs.  When a drunk driver hit Mitch Brogan, doctors told him he would never walk again. Now, not only is he back on his feet, he's helping others to do the same.

"You get up and you just have to smile from ear to ear," he said. No, Brogan isn't a miracle worker. He is, however, the owner of the first robotic exoskeleton in Canada. Strapped into the sleek, black, futuristic pair of legs, Brogan, 33, is able to go for a stroll with the flick of a joystick and even walk up stairs...

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